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Shoulder function issue – 03 July 2020 – Updated Edition

This fortnight I have included an article titled ‘Flat bench press – the good, the bad & the solution’ which was written by my friend at Rehab Trainer, Ulrik Larsen.

In the article, Ulrik talks about how to improve the mechanics of this common strength exercise to ensure that the scapulothoracic joint is mobile throughout.

He also offers a nice addition to the bench press through use of exercise tubing to activate subscapularis which will assist with humeral head stability during the concentric phase.

Click the link below to download and let me know what you think!

Exercise profile – Shoulder mobility drills

Here is a mobility sequence for the shoulder using suspension straps.

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Infographic – single-joint strength training alters the relative contribution of the prime mover in the bench press

This study showed that single-joint training for a prime mover muscle in the bench press (pectoralis major, anterior deltoid, or triceps brachii) can also increase the activation of that muscle in the bench press after training. This may occur due to the smaller level of central nervous system fatigue that occurs in single-joint exercises or due to the principle of neuromechanical matching.

Learning Lab Launches

I have launched my searchable database that includes a whole bunch of resources such as exercise videos, articles, programs & much more. 

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