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Company benefits within Sport-e-Coach

Companies & Staff

Managing the ongoing professional development of staff can be a time-consuming process that doesn’t always address identified skill and knowledge ‘gaps.’ Delivering the right training to the right person at the right time not only enhances employee satisfaction & engagement, but maximises productivity and achievement of business goals.

Setting up a Company Profile within the Sport-e-Coach portal will provide you with a unique set of permissions that allow you to purchase, allocate & monitor industry specific courses for your staff and/or students.

More specifically, Company Administrators will be able to perform the following tasks within the Sport-e-Coach portal.

  • Create user accounts on behalf of staff and/or students
  • Purchase multiple ‘course keys’ for any Sport-e-coach products
  • Allocate one or multiple ‘course keys’ to any user
  • Easily monitor staff progress through one or more courses
  • Generate simple reports & graphs to show staff enrolments & progress.

This unique functionality is ideally suited to:

  • Fitness business managers
  • Professional sporting organisations
  • Academies of sport
  • Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) that deliver Fitness and/or Sport qualifications
  • Universities that deliver programs in Sport Science, High-performance Sport, Exercise Physiology, Exercise Science or Human Movement Science.

To create a Company Profile please click the button below & you will be emailed your Administrator login details within 48 hours.

For further information please click here to contact Sport-e-Coach .